From 1st January 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Rate A applies to Non-Residents   Rate B applies to Residents of Broadmayne and West Knighton.

                                                           per hour 

                                                                       A                        B

WHOLE PREMISES                           £12.70        £7.70

Regular Users                                 £9.70    


MAIN HALL & KITCHEN                    £10.70          £5.70


STAGE AREA                                   £5.70         £3.20

Stage lights                                    £5.00 performance


COMMITTEE ROOM                          £5.70         £3.20


WEDDINGS/PARTIES                       £14.70       £9.70


PLEASE NOTE: Rate A applies to Non-residents   Rate B applies to Residents of Broadmayne & West Knighton.                


All bookings are subject to a deposit when required.    A charge of £1 is payable for any event at which music is played when a paying audience is present.


                    Sundries   (for hire at own venue)

TABLES (11X6)        £2.50 per table per day (Metal £30 deposit)

CHAIRS                        50p per chair per day (Indoor use ONLY)

CUPS & SAUCERS      50p per set per day


Hire of broadband, laptop, printer, projector etc. available on request.




Maximum 200

Seated in rows 150

Seated at tables 130

Dances etc. 100 (150 disco)

Bookings - Contact: or telephone: 077 4847 4715

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